Friday, May 6, 2011


Erm, excuse me,
but can you please tell your visitor that he’s not welcome in the palace..YET.
How hard is it for him and his master to follow  the rules?
Doesn’t he even feel the bruise that comes with squeezing his way in here?
Doesn’t he doesn’t feel un-welcomed when the gates clamp against him on his way in?

His master should always stop by at  the twin-towers!
Even if for just a few minutes.
Just long enough for me to get the ‘line-the-palace-walls’ order.

His master didn’t acknowledge the queen before coming in!
She’s right there, at the palace entry...
His master didn’t kiss her. He didn’t even touch her.
And even when he to touches her, he rubs too hard she gets uncomfortable.
Tell his master how the queen takes you to the mountain top.
Even without you coming to me in the palace.
Tell him she wields so much power, Her authority should not be bypassed.

Is his master so in-experienced?
Doesn’t he know about all your signal points?
Why has he refused to stop by any of these points?
I didn’t even get any order to line the palace wall.

I used to respect him and his master.
but he forced his way into the palace like a common rogue.
Leaving behind the scars of his rough entry.

Where do they get off with these attitude?
I bet his master thinks its all about size.
Visitors like him are the ones with these horrible attitude.
I no longer anticipate their coming.
Most of them don’t even know I exist.
Those that know, do not even bother finding me.

The cute little visitors are more friendly.
Their masters know how to please the queen.
They spend extra time at the twin towers.
They know all the signal points provided.
Their masters take time to find me.
And when they visitors are ready to come see me,
Am not scared that they’d destroy anything in the palace.

Tell them to look beyond their size and stop acting so cocky(PI)
Tell them lining the palace walls is important.
I am king of the palace, I deserve some respect.
You know how to find me, show them how.
There isn’t so much I can do if walls are not lined,
And with every forced entry, the palace walls will be scarred.

 Submitted by  Uber Blogger Motunrayo Otun


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